Drama Sangkuriang in new version

Ini dialog drama tentang sangkuriang versi editting, untuk anda yang mungkin memiliki tugas untuk memerankan drama dalam bahasa Inggris dan memiliki pemeran sebanyak 5 orang ditambah dengan 1 narator, bisa menggunakan teks dialog ini.

Sangkuriang Story

                                                   ( New Version )

Long long time ago.  Firstly, described in heaven there is a pair of gods and goddesses who made ​​a mistake, then by Sang Hyang Tunggal they cursed down to earth in the form of animals. The goddess turns into a wild pig (boar) named Celeng WayungHyang, while the god turned into a dog called the Tumang. They must be down to earth run penalty and penance for forgiveness in order to return to his formin to gods again.
It is told that King Sungging Perbangkara was away hunting. In the middle of the forest, the king throwing urine being stored in caring leaves (taro forest), in other versions of the king mentioned urine deposited in coconut shells. A female pig named Celeng Wayung Hyang who was imprisoned was thirsty, he then accidentally drank urine before the king. Wayung Hyang miraculously became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby, because basically she is a goddess.
Beautiful baby was found in the woods by the king who does not realize that she is his daughter. The baby girl was taken to court by his father and named Dayang Sumbi or commonly called Rarasati. Dayang Sumbi grown into a very beautiful maiden girl. Many kings and princes who wanted to ask for her hand, but no one accepted. Thousands of ways have been done by kings until they finally decided to fight each other for get Dayang Sumbi.
But Dayang Sumbi decided to retreat to the hill accompanied by her aunt, a servant of the kingdom, and her pet, the Tumang.

One day, Dayang Sumbi was knitting.

Dayang Sumbi   : Aunt…!!! Where are you now. Can you come here a minute ?

Aunt                      : Yes, Raras. I’m here. What can I do for u ?

Dayang Sumbi   : Can you take a knitting yarn for me. This yarn has exhausted ?

Servant                               : Princess, I’m sorry if I sassy . But I think It’s better time for take a lunch.

Dayang Sumbi   : Hmmm . . . I don’t think so. I don’t want anything except knite.

Aunt                      : Don’t be like that Raras, you will be sick if you don’t eat, and if you sick you can make

this    knitting again.

Dayang Sumbi   : Okay..,,, Go, please. Bring me the lunch!

Servant                                : Yes, your majesty . . .

Dayang Sumbi   : Wait!! Don’t forget too, to give a food for Tumang.

Day by day was passed, Dayang Sumbi always do all activity in the middle of woods. One day Dayang Sumbi did her favorite activity in a balcon, and suddenly her knitting  yarn fell unto ground.

Dayang Sumbi   : Oh. . . shit ! Why that must fell? I’m so lazy to take it again. I hope there is someone can take it for me. If that man, he will be my husband, if that woman she will be my sister.

Without long thinking, Tumang ran to that place where the yarn fell. Then, he gave it back to Dayang Sumbi. In keeping with her promise as a princess of kingdom, Dayang Sumbi cannot do anything except she must married with Tumang.

Dayang Sumbi   : Oh.. my god, why must you who take it? I’m so regret for say that.  But, this is a Princess Promise, so I will stay be you my husband.

Dayang  Sumbi and Tumang got married and without realized, at one night, Tumang turn into a handsome man. So, Dayang Sumbi was suppressed.

Dayang Sumbi   : Who are you? Why you in here and enter my bedroom?

Prince                   : I’m Tumang. Don’t you know me?

Dayang Sumbi   : No kidding ! It’s Impossible. I know Tumang is my pet, but now he is my husband.

Prince                   : I’m so sorry if I have make you so suprissed, Your Majesty. It’s more better if I tell you

all of me. Trustly, I’m a gods of heaven, but I and my friend a goddesses are penalties

and be down to the earth and we cursed into a dog and a pig. So, Tumang it’s me, and I’m your husband.

Dayang Sumbi   : Oh…Tumang, I believe it now. I can feel how hard your life as a dog.

After  Dayang Sumbi knew the trustly, she life happy with that Prince. And they have a babyboy named Sangkuriang. Once day, Sangkuriang and Tumang went hunting into the forest for search the hearths of deer for her mother. Suddenly, Sangkuriang persuaded Tumang to kill a pig in forest. But Tumang didn’t want to do that, because he knew that pig is a grandmother of Sangkuriang, Celeng Wayung Hyang.

Sangkuriang : GoImage, go, go!!! Why you just keep stay, stupid dog?! I will kill you, if you not kill it.

(  Tumang just silent while refused )

Sangkuriang : Ohh… You want defy me, hah?Are you not fear ? (while appointing arrow to front of Tumang).

Finally, without deliberate that arrow freelance from his arc and killed Tumang.

Sangkuriang : Oh my god, what must I tell with mother, and what must I do with this carrion. Yea… I have an idea!!

At afternoon, Sangkuriang went home and brought something,then he gave it to his mother. His mother was very happy, because she thinking her son brought a hearth of fox. Dayang Sumbi soon went to kitchen  and cooked that hearth for dinner.

Dayang Sumbi : Oh my god, I’m forget. Where’s Tumang I’m not see him from noon. He haven’t eaten     something?

Sangkuriang : Hmm. . . he has. . . ( with jumpy )

Dayang Sumbi   : He what?!!  (the atmosphere becomes tense)

Sangkuriang : He has gone. . .

Dayang Sumbi   : Gone? What’s your mean? Be clearly!!!

Sangkuriang : Tumang. . . was died, and wich we eat is a hearths of Tumang.

Dayang Sumbi   : What’s?! Are you crazy? You kill my husband. Did you know, Tumang is you father? But now, is   too late. . .

Sangkuriang : But mom, I don’t know. Why you never tell me  . . (suddenly Dayang Sumbi shout)

Dayang Sumbi   : Shut up!!!! You are stupid boy!!! Go away from here!!!

After that, sangkuriang went wander until he has grown older. And he has now been ruled a kingdom in the east. Until one day he returned to the West to the place of origin of the mother. He met a beautifull girl. He not realized that the beautiful woman is his mother.

Sangkuriang: Wow, who the pretty girl who was there, I was fall in love with her. I must to get her .

For days Sangkuriang tried to approach her, until she tried to marry her.

Sangkuriang: Oh Rarasati. Please  marry with me and be my wife?

Dayang Sumbi   : I can not define it that fast. I must more long thingking. (Dayang Sumbi sangkuriang approaching and suddenly he saw a sign at the head of sangkuriang)

Dayang Sumbi: What????!!!
Sangkuriang: what is it?
Dayang Sumbi: do you have a sign on your head??
Sangkuriang: yes indeed. I have a sign on my head. It’s because of my mother exposed a spoon.
Dayang Sumbi: (shocked) What? Impossible. You are my son who goes long time ago.
Sangkuriang: What do you mean?
Dayang Sumbi: yaaa … You are my son who I rod with spoon. And you leave your this mother.

With disbelief sangkuriang was denied and still wants to marry Dayang Sumbi.

Sangkuriang: I don’t believe it. Whatever happens, I will still marry you.
Dayang Sumbi: it’s impossible. No way a child marry his mother self. own flesh and blood.
Sangkuriang: I don’t care. I would do anything conditions for marry you. Give the conditions wich you want, and I will do it.
Dayang Sumbi: (thinking) all right. I will give you conditions and you must do it in one night. You have to make for me a boat and lake that stem Citarum River. You have to carry out in  overnight.
Sangkuriang: Right. I will do it and I will be completed on time

With a full sense of anxiety, Dayang Sumbi was looking for a way to failed conditions for sangkuriang.
 Sangkuriang assisted by guriang, the dam and the boat was quickly will soon be resolved. She looked confuse, and she pray while crying. Suddenly, the shadow of Prince came near Dayang Sumbi and called her.

Prince   : Don’t be sad my wife. .!

Dayang Sumbi : Oh. . .My Prince, you in here? How come,, aren’t you. .( Prince interrupted )

Prince   : Be calm, don’t be nerveous. I indeed died, but I still deity, incarnation of gods. Although we far, I can still see you from heaven.

Dayang Sumbi : oh… it’s good. But, now . . .( prince direct interrupted)

Prince   : I know, what are  you going through.

Dayang Sumbi : So, what must I do, my prince?

Prince   : Asked it to your aunt and your servant, I’m sure that they know for prevent it.

Dayang Sumbi : Owh, really?

Prince   : Yea . . .you must try. . . . . . . . ( suddenly, the prince was disappear )

Dayang Sumbi : My prince!!! Where will you go…???!!!

Finally, Dayang Sumbi also have recourse to her aunt and her servant.

Dayang Sumbi: Aunt, I really need your help. Sangkuriang is my son, and he really wants to marry me.

Aunt      : Then, what happens Rarasati?

Dayang Sumbi: Now, that I’ve told him to settle the terms of requirement for marry me. I asked him to make a boat and a lake.

Servant : I have heard, that his work will soon be resolved tonight, Your Majesty.

Dayang Sumbi: What?? If like that, I ask you all to fail it in many ways.

Servant :  How. . if we fail their efforts when they’ve actually done. We holed river embankment by sprinkling sliced ​​boehrarang (white woven fabric of Dayang Sumbi). And we spread your boehrarang fabric. And the light of that fabric will bring up the light like a dawn.

Aunt : Yea, that’s right. Come on, we do it now!!

With a confident, Dayang Sumbi, her aunt, andher servant execute it. They do that with good, and when dawn appeared, Sangkuriang very angry.

Sangkuriang : who has done all this????!!!!!! I don’t belive all my attempts to get princess failed. (While sadness and angry, he kick the boat until the boat bouncing so far and inverted, and untill now that boat called Tangkuban Perahu mountain ).

With anger mounting, sangkuriang go directly to the dayang sumbi’s place, it turns out there’s something going on.

Sangkuriang: Princess … where are you? Get out! I want to talk to you.

Aunt      : Princess there is not here. Early in the morning she ran away from home. And until now no body knows where is she.

Sangkuriang: Impossible. Surely it’s all been planned.

Servant : It’s true. We don’t lie. We all don’t know the current whereabouts of the Princess. But, we just have heard that she went to the Putri mountain.
Aunt      : If you don’t believe it, please you’re looking for where the Princess gone.

Sangkuriang went looking for the place where has called by the servant. Implied news that Dayang Sumbi fled to the Putri mountain, and he was reportedly disappeared and turned into a jaksi Flower. 

While that, Sangkuriang following dayangsumbi to the earlier mentioned that the area called Ujung Berung. Finally, sangkuriang end disappeared into the supernatural. And He has gone forever.



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